April Rain Song | Langston Hughes

: April Rain Song by Langston Hughes is a poem about what the rain does and what the speaker says one should allow the rain to do including loving rain

Speaker - Tells the audience about some things about rain

Stanza 1:
  • The speaker tells the audience to let the rain kiss them
  • The speaker tells the audience also to let the rain beat their heads with "silver liquid drops"
  • The speaker tells the audience to allow the rain to sing a "lullaby" to them

Stanza 2:
  • The speaker tells the audience that the rain makes stagnant pools and "running" pools in places
  • If audience allows it, the rain on the speakers roof that is a "sleep-song" would be allowed to become a lullaby to allow them to sleep

Stanza 3:
  • The speaker says that the rain is loved by the speaker
Other Notes:
  • There are many poems about rain and this is one that actually talks about what the rain should do for you and what it does
  • There is music in this poem and Langston Hughes was very influenced by music especially when introducing African American styles

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