Concord Hymn by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Summary: Concord Hymn is a poem that was written for the dedication of a battle monument to the Battle of Concord, Concord Hymn is stating the importance of the battle to the entire world.  Emerson is also using the hymn as a reminder to the following generations of the importance of the battle.

Section One:
  • At a bridge farmers fired a gunshot at their enemy, the shot will impact the entire world
Section Two:
  • People on  both sides of the war have stopped thinking about the bridge
Section Three:
  • The narrator says a monument is set next to the stream so people long after their own generation will remember how important the war was
Section Four:
  • The narrator ask for the monument to be preserved by nature and time so the heroes of the war will be remembered
Other Notes:
  • The shot heard around the world in the poem is referring to the beginning of the war of independance for America
  • The heroes on the American side are referred to as farmers, they are not warriors at all but instead would prefer peace

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