Inscription for the Entrance to a Wood by William Cullen Bryant

Summary: Inscription for the Entrance to a Wood by William Cullen Bryant is where the narrator tells the reader to go to the woods to be happy if they are sad about human failings like crime and other sorrows.

Section One:
  • If you have learned the truth about society being full of sorrow and crime then go to the wild woods
Section Two:
  • Go watch nature, and feel the breeze ; it will make you calm
  • The breeze will make you calm like the breeze
  • The green leaves moving in the trees will sooth your sadness
Section Three:
  • Narrator calls humans a curse "the primal curse fell on the unsinning earth" (paraphrased)
  • The earth  is still happy though
Section Four:
  • Narrator describes nature:
    • Green branches are alive
    • Birds are musical
    • The squirrel chirps happily
    • The insects fly around in the sun
Section Five:
  • Narrator continues describing nature:
    • The trees are content to blow in the wind
    • The flower likes the bees coming by
    • The mossy rocks are old and thoughtful
    • The river makes a sound like laughter
Section Six:
  • Nature will give you love, not requiring any in return
Other Notes:
  • The narrator describes the sounds and other happenings in the wood; all of the things described bring peace and happiness to the narrator

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