Jimmy Jet and His TV Set | Shel Silverstein

: Jimmy Jet and His TV Set by Shel Silberstein is a poem about boy named Jim who turns into a TV set from watching too much TV

Speaker - Narrator that tells us what happens to Jim

Stanza 1:
  • The speaker tells us that there is a boy named Jimmy Jet who loves to watch television almost as much as the audience
  • The speaker tells us to believe him that what he tells us about Jimmy Jet is true

Stanza 2:
  • The speaker tells us that Jimmy Jet watched TV "all day" and "all night" until he grew "pale and lean"
  • The speaker tells us that Jimmy Jet watched all the shows that he could

Stanza 3:
  • Jimmy Jet's eyes grow "frozen wide" and Jimmy Jet's bottom has grown into "his chair"
  • Jimmy Jet's  chin turns into a tuning dial and an "antennae" grew from his hair
  • Jimmy starts his transition into becoming a television

Stanza 4:
  • Jimmy Jet's brain turns into TV tubes and his face into a screen and his ears become knobs which read "VERT." and "HORIZ."
  • Jimmy continues to transition his whole being into a television

Stanza 5:
  • Jimmy Jet grows a plug like a "tail" and completes his transformation into a television
  • Jimmy Jet is plugged and and people watch him instead of a television

Other Notes:
  • This poem seems to tell the audience to be aware of one's passions for in the end we become the very thing that we are passionate about
  • It seems that Shel Silverstein is trying to tell us that growing into something we love excessively comes in stages so we have a chance to be aware of what we're turning into, but in the end if we ignore these stages we will become what we love to do

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