Mannahatta By Walt Whitman

Summary: Mannahatta By Walt Whitman is where the narrator of the poem describes Manhattan.

Section One:
  • Looking for something that would be specific to the city the narrator finds the original name
  • The narrator says original name of the city is describes it very well
Section Two:
  • The city is an island 16 miles long, surround by ships
  • The streets are crowded and there are tall buildings
  • There are tides that come near sundown, lots of flowing currents around the islands
Section Three:
  • The narrator sees all the different people; merchants money-brokers, ship-merchants, immigrants 
  • There are carts, horses with men on them
  • The Weather is discussed;  sun is bright in the summer, and the clouds are high in the sky floating by; in the winter there is snow and broken ice on the river, with sleigh-bells
Section Four:
  • The people with skills look you straight in the eyes
  • There are a lot of people on the sidewalks
  • All the people are friendly, with good manners and hospitality
Other Notes:
  • Mannahatta means hill island
  • The narrator thinks the name is good for the city because it has the literal meaning of an island but also because the people, and buildings make for a sort of tide and islands; the people would be the flow of the tide

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