Old Ironsides by Oliver Wendell Holmes

Summary:  Old Ironsides by Oliver Wendell Holmes is about a ship called Ironsides that is old, but it is better to set the ship into the sea to be destroyed rather than dismantle it.

Section One:
  • Take down the sail, it is old
  • There use to be shouts of men in battle and the sound of cannons but it won't happen anymore
Section Two:
  • The ship has had heroes on it that died
  • The ship has had the enemy surrender on it
  • The harpies of the shore - referring to the people living on the land are going to break the ship apart
Section Three:
  • It is better to let the broken ship sink in the ocean
  • When the ship was great it ruled the ocean , so it is better for it to rest there in the end
  • Set the sails and let the sea take the ship
Other Notes:
  • Ironsides was a ship that was said to have such tough sides it was made of iron; the ship supposedly was able to deflect cannon balls
  • The poem is trying to get people to realize the ship should not be taken apart in port because it was such an important ship during battle
  • The narrator reminds people the ship has had heroes on it, and has even taken surrenders
  • The narrator tries to grab power of the ship in the poem, even though it is old now it was once so strong it was said to have iron sides

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