The World Is Not a Pleasant Place to Be | Nikki Giovanni

: The World Is Not a Pleasant Place to Be by Nikki Giovanni is a poem about what it would be like to not have someone in one's life

Speaker - Narrates poem

Stanza I
  • One needs to be held in order for the world to be a "pleasant place" 

Stanza II:
  • The speaker uses the river and a stream as a metaphor for what would be the case if the river or the stream did not exist 
  • The raging river would never know what it was to relax and to engage to a slower speed if the stream was not there

Stanza III:
  • The speaker uses the ocean and the clouds as another example of metaphor for case existence for people caring for one another 
  • Without her friends, the clouds, mother Earth would always be crying
Stanza IV:
  • The speaker reiterates that if one was alone then it would not be pleasant to live on the world

Other Notes:
  • The examples that Nikki Giovanni uses for caring people is a fine visual example so we can see an invisible existence of a feeling for two or more people
  • It shows here that Nikki Giovanni is skilled at using visual references to convey her thoughts

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