A Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury

Summary: A Sound of Thunder is about a man that decides to go on a hunting trip to the past to shoot the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Eckels - Man that decides to go on a hunting trip to the past

Keith - President of the current reality

Deutscher - Man that lost current presidency to Keith, known as the anti everything man in the current reality

Mr. Travis - The safari guide in to the past

Lesperance - the assistant safari guide to the past

Section One:

  • Eckels remarks how lucky they are that Deutscher lost to Keith because it would have dictatorship
  • Travis explains to Eckels that even a small thing like killing a mouse could change their future because that mouse might have been the food for something else that would eventually have been the food for an early human, that now dies because there is not food available
  • Eckels ask if the expedition was succesfull since Travis told him he had to go back in time to mark the target; Travis explains time does not allow paradoxes to happen and thus he would not be able to meet himself to see if the hunt went well
  • Eckels gets scared when he sees the T-Rex; He steps off the path on accident
  • Travis explains again that they cannot leave anything behind because it could change the future; Travis makes Eckels get the bullets from the T-Rex out of anger
  • The sign in the future for the Time Safari has changed; Eckels says he stepped on a butterfly when before he said it was only dirt
  • Travis shoots Eckels because he finds out that time is not only changed but Deutscher is now president


  • Eckels wants to travel to the past because no one has been there; He says he will be the envy for other hunters
  • The dangers of time travel comes in that even a small change can effect the future in the long term, a small breeze that has its course changed from someone new there may not blow a seed that would pollinate to be a tree for the some food, etc etc..
  • The hunters try to shoot only dinosaurs that will die shortly in attempt to keep the future from changing, they will not breed.
  • Eckels is scared because of the enormous size of the T-Rex; Its raw power cause him to acknowledge it is better than he is.

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