A Worn Path By Eudora Welty

Summary : A Worn Path is about an old black woman that goes on a trip to town to get medicine for her grandson.

Characters :

Pheonix Jackson - Old black woman trying to get medicine for her grandson

Hunter - Tells Pheonix her walk to town is too far, and she should go back home

Nurse - Gives Pheonix the medicine for her grandson;

Section One:

  • Pheonix is on a journey, she is so old her mind is failing her
  • Pheonix shows signs of dementia by imagining things that aren't there, like a child that was going to give her pie; She also imagines the scarecrow in the corn field to be a ghost
  • Pheonix is not wealthy at all, she takes a nickel that has fallen out of the hunters pocket without telling him she is a bit humiliated by her actions saying , "God watching me the whole time. I come to stealing." and she also excepts charity money from the nurses own purse
  • Pheonix's grandson swallowed lye which now causes his throat to close up so he cannot breath
  • Pheonix and her grandson are the only two left in her family

Other Notes:

  • Pheonix is determined to do her trip even though it is very difficult for her; she tells the animals to get out of the way
  • Pheonix must pass a river on a log, go through a thorn patch that catches her dress, and climb large hills to get to her destination
  • Pheonix is going to surprise her grandson with a paper windmill even though the money she has is very small; it is only she and him "left in the whole world"

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