Ankylosaurus by Jack Prelutsky

Summary: Ankylosaurus by Jack Prelutsky is a poem about a fictional creature called the Ankylosaurus


Speaker - Tells us about the Ankylosaurus, especially the structural build

Section 1:

  • The speaker does a good job with words as sound to describe the picture of what a Ankylosaurus was built like
  • The speaker tells the audience of how strong defensively the Ankylosaurus is
  • "it tended to be an inedible meal" was a phrase that described how protected it was from being hunted

Section 2:

  • Although well armored, it had a small mind and didn't have a "thing" on its mind
  • The speaker hints that the Ankylosaurus is a bit clumsy and is a vegetarian

Section 3:

  • The speaker talks about the offensive power of the Ankylosaurus too and says that it should be "best left alone" because it is good at using it's tail to hit
  • The speaker again emphasizes the tank-like structure of the Ankylosaurus with sound words

Other Notes:

  • Jack Prelutsky wrote poems with associated pictures of imaginary creatures
  • Jack Prelutsky is well known for his humorous verse as in the Ankylosaurus

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