Annabel Lee By Edgar Allen Poe

Summary: Annabel Lee is poem written about a narrator and a woman that love each other so much the angels in heaven are jealous and take her there.

Section One:

  • It was many years ago; There was a girl named Annabel Lee that lived by the sea
  • Annabel Lee loved the narrator and he loved her; it was such strong love that they had no other desires except to love eachother

Section Two:

  • The narrator and Lee were both young
  • The love was so strong that angels wanted both of them

Section Three:

  • A wind blew in the night and it killed Annabel Lee
  • She is taken by her family to be put in a tomb by the sea

Section Four:

  • The angels were jealous of the couple , so they killed Annabel according to the Narrator

Section Five:

  • The couple have such strong love that even death cannot seperate their souls

Section Six:

  • Every night the narrator dreams of Annabel Lee
  • The narrator lies next to the tomb, she was his wife

Other Notes:

  • Annabel Lee is beatiful - that is the only desciption of her

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