Cynthia in the Snow by Gwendolyn Brooks

Summary: Cynthia in the Snow is a poem about a girl named "Cynthia" who has thoughts about snow


Cynthia - She is the speaker in the poem and tells us what she thinks about her experience in snow

Sections 1:

  • The speaker tells us about the things that snow does in the poem: sushes, hushes, flitter-twitters, laughs and whitely whirs away
  • The snow longs to be elsewhere, to only be enjoyed in vision and mind not in touch
  • The word "snow" is nowhere to be found within the poem and the speaker hints the existence of snow very well without using the word "snow"
  • Even with the title not being present one could probably infer that the speaker was talking about watching snow

Other Notes:

  • This poem was added by Gwendolyn Brooks to her book "Bronzeville Boys and Girls" in 1956
  • Gwendolyn Brooks started writing poetry at the age of 7 in Chicago

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