Door Number Four by Charlotte Pomerantz

Summary: Door Number Four is a poem of friendship with the symbolic use of a door, a key and a lamplight


Speaker - guides the person that the speaker is talking to friendship

Section 1:

  • The speaker guides the audience to a door above her uncle's store
  • The number 4 is the number on the door
  • The speaker tells the audience that there's a key and to come in
  • She tells the audience that she is their friend and will see her under "lamplight"

Other Notes:

  • The doors are symbolic of the acceptance of a friend to be friends with someone
  • When the keys are given to open the door, the acceptance for someone to be a friend is there and friendship is established
  • And even though one has entry through a door, it would be harder for one to be a friend with someone that they cannot see or does not reveal themselves, hence, the lamplight being lit

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