Fire and Ice by Robert Frost

Summary: Fire and Ice is a poem from Robert Frost where the speaker talks about his feelings about the end of the Earth in either a firey or icy demise


The speaker - Speaks of the end of the Earth in fire or ice and shows his simplicity of wit and lackluster care for the outcome

Section 1:

  • The speaker says that there are two sides of how the earth will end, those who say with ice and those who say with fire
  • The speaker says that with his experience with "desire" he would support those who would choose a fire demise of the Earth
  • The speaker says that if he went through death "twice", that is to say that he already experienced the Earth ending by fire, he would also know enough of "hate" "to say that for destruction ice is also great"
  • The speaker says, therefore, that it is true that the end of the Earth could come from either form of finish
  • The speaker does not really care which way the Earth would end

Other Notes:

  • This poem is actually an epigram which is concise and witty
  • Although of a serious tone, there is a sense of ease at the same time with a sort of "jabbing in the ribs" sort of feel to it

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