Hope is the Thing with Feathers by Emily Dickinson

Summary: Hope is the Thing with Feathers is a poem about the amazing abilities hope can have for people.

Section One:

  • Hope is like a bird that sits in your soul and sings a never ending song
  • It is a song that has no words

Section Two:

  • Even during the worst storm the little bird is able to be heard
  • The would be upset because it could not stand up to a little bird

Section Three:

  • The little bird that is Hope can be heard in the worst environments and it will never ask for anything

Other Notes:

  • The little bird is the thing we call hope
  • Hope is able to provide warmth during a storm, come to aid in a desperate land, or an unknown sea
  • Hope is something that can keep people going in the worst conditions but it will never ask for something in return

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