Hymn to the Night by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Summary: Hymn to the Night is a poem about the calming qualities of the night

Section One:

  • The night sky was seen

Section Two:

  • The night has a presence that can be felt; it is calm and magical

Section Three:

  • The narrator heard the sounds of the night - "soft chimes" , "poet rhymes"

Section Four:

  • The night makes the narrator feel rested

Section Five:

  • The night gives the narrator the ability to handle things he think are wrong with mankind

Section Six:

  • The narrator calls for the night to come and give him peace

Other Notes:

  • The narrator looks at the night as a way to become at peace with himself;
  • The speaker wants the night to come so he can feel peace; he learns how to let his "lips that care, complain no more" (paraphrased)

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