I Sit and Look Out By Walt Whitman

Summary: I Sit and Look Out By Walt Whitman is where Whitman is the narrator of the poem, he sees everything that is bad with the world but does says he does nothing to fix it.

Section One:

  • Whitman remarking about the "sorrows, oppression, and shame" that is in the world
  • The following are stated as either a sorrow, oppression, or shame
    • Men that cry in secret after doing something wrong
    • Mother misused by her children, that is dying, neglected, desperate
    • Wife misused by husband
    • Seducer that goes for young women
    • Jealousy, love not returned
    • War, sickness, prisoners, martyrs, and tyranny
    • Sailors that kill some to save the others that are dying of famine(no food)
    • The people that think they are better than others - in particular laborers , poor, black people, etc
  • All of the observations seem to have no end, but he hears and sees it all but does nothing

Other Notes:

  • The first problems are individual , while the second set of problems problems (societal)

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