Life Doesn't Frighten Me by Maya Angelou

Summary: Life Doesn't Frighten Me is a poem about a little girl's strength to not let certain things in life frighten her

Characters: Speaker.

Verse 1:

  • The speaker is not frightened by shadows, noises, "bad dogs" barking, "big" ghosts
  • Life doesn't frighten her

Verse 2:

  • The speaker is not frighted by Mother Goose, Lions, Dragons
  • These don't frighten her "at all"

Verse 3:

  • The speaker talks about what she does to make the fright go away
  • The speaker does not fear "tough guys in a fight", or "being all alone at night"
  • Life doesn't frighten her "at all"

Verse 4:

  • "Panthers" and "strangers" don't fright the speaker "at all"

Verse 5:

  • Boys pulling her hair in class and "kissy" little girls with "curls" don't frighten the speaker

Verse 6:

  • Frogs and snakes don't frighten the reader
  • The speaker may only be afraid in her dreams

Verse 7:

  • The speaker talks about a magic charm up "her sleeve"
  • The speaker says that she doesn't have to breathe under the ocean

Verse 8:

  • The speaker repeats about not being frightened by life

Other Notes:

  • The speaker is very strong willed
  • In a conscious, controllable state, the speaker is fearless; she says that she's only vulnerable to fear in dreams

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