My Picture-Gallery by Walt Whitman

Summary: My Picture-Gallery by Walt Whitman is a poem that explains how Walt Whitman sees his mind, as a "Picture-Gallery".

Section 1:

  • Whitman says that he keeps "suspended" pictures in a little house and that the house is not a fixed house which seems to tell the audience that he can take the house with him wherever he goes; probably so that he can "suspend" more pictures in his little house as in a museum
  • Whitman gives a hint to what he's referring to is his mind by giving a description of his head
  • Whitman says that although small, his house, the mind, holds "all memories!"
  • Whitman calls himself cicerone, or a guide, who points out the many pictures within this house

Other Notes:

  • Walt Whitman's verse does not rhyme and has a pace that's not perceptible
  • Walt Whitman's style of poetry was a new and bold voice to be heard
  • Walt Whitman seems to want to tell the audience that the mind is a huge vessel with infinite capacity

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