Othello By William Shakespeare

Summary: Othello By William Shakespeare is a Story of a man, Othello, that is manipulated into killing his wife for being unfaithful to him even though she always was. Iago, the villain, manipulates Othello, Cassio, and Roderigo to get what he wants but in the end he is caught and tortured.


Othello - A general for Venice

Cassio - Othello's Lieutenant

Iago - Othello's ancient (position below Lieutenant)

Roderigo - A Venetian gentlemen

Emilia - Iago's wife, and Desdemona's maid

Desdemona - Othello's wife, also Brabantio's daughter

Brabantio - Senator in Venice

Bianca - Cassio's mistress

Lodovico - one of Brabantio's family members

Act One:

  • Iago is talking with Roderigo about Desdemona, Roderigo is trying to win Desdemona over for marriage
  • Roderigo has found out Desdemona is married to Othello, Roderigo questions Iago about his loyalties to helping him win Desdemona
  • Iago says he is upset he has not been promoted to lieutenant by Othello, even though he has more experience than the one promoted
  • Iago tells Roderigo to go tell Desdemona's family about her marriage, because they do not know; Desdemona and Othello have eloped
  • Brabantio does not believe Roderigo, but then he is upset and the entire family goes for Othello; Brabantio claims Othello has put a spell on Desdemona when she declares her love for Othello
  • Othello is called to the duke about something (invaders by sea), Brabantio decides to go to the court and formally accuse Othello of stealing his daughter
  • Othello tells how he won Desdemona by telling her his life stories at court, everyone is satisfied that he won Desdemona fairly
  • Othello agrees to command the fleet against the coming invaders (Turkish)

Act Two:

  • The Turkish fleet is destroyed by a storm, Othello decides there should be a party to celebrate
  • Iago tricks Cassio into drinking extra when he sees him, Iago tells Roderigo that Desdemona likes Cassio
  • Iago has Roderigo start a fight with Cassio at the party to make Cassio look bad to Othello
  • Cassio feels he has lost his reputation because of the fight, Iago tells him to talk with Desdemona to get her to talk to Othello for him (Cassio)
  • Iago is setting Cassio and Desdemona up to look like they want eachother to Othello

Act Three:

  • Othello and Iago see Cassio talking to Desdemona; Cassio sees them both and leaves before they get close enough to speak
  • Iago plants the idea that Desdemona may like Cassio to Othello; Othello tries to deny the potential for it but he is finally persuaded when Iago reminds him Desdemona tricked her own father when she liked Othello; In the end Othello says he will watch but even if he suspects something there must be proof.
  • Desdemona comes to Othello to tell him his dinner guest have arrived; Othello says he has a headache; Desdemona tries to tie a handkerchief around Othello's head, but it falls off because it is too small;
  • The handkerchief that fell off of Othello turns out to be the first thing Othello gave Desdemona as something to remember him; Emilia takes the fallen handkerchief to give to Iago.
  • Othello enters into Iago's room mad that he is considering Desdemona a "whore" because of Iago's words; Othello demands that Iago provide proof about Desdemona
  • Iago tells Othello that while staying with Cassio, Cassio had a dream in which he said he kissed Iago saying "sweet Desdemona" ; Iago further says that he saw Cassio wiping his beard with the handkerchief that Desdemona lost
  • Othello makes a vow for Cassio's death, it seems he promotes Iago to lieutenant
  • Othello ask Desdemona about the handerchief, she will not say it is lost; Othello believes that she is hiding her actions from him

Act Four:

  • Cassio comes to talk with Othello, Iago tells him to return in a while; Iago tells Othello he will get Iago to tell of his doings with Desdemona
  • Othello hides, he watches Cassio talk about Bianca, Cassio's mistress; Othello believes Cassio is talking about Desdemona
  • Bianca comes in and has the handkerchief with her, she found it in Cassio's room (Iago put it there)
  • Iago tells Othello that the handkerchief was his and that Cassio gave it away; Proof that Cassio doesn't care about Desdemona
  • Othello says he will kill Desdemona, Iago says he will kill Cassio
  • Othello hits Desdemona; Lodovico sees it and questions Othello's character to Iago; Iago tells him Othello is no longer the same man
  • Othello confronts Desdemona, calls her a whore; Desdemona denies being unfaithful, Othello does not believe her
  • Roderigo comes to talk with Desdemona, he wants to get the jewels he was trying to win her with back; Iago stops him because he has stolen the jewels as he was the delivery man and Desdemona has never said anything of the jewels
  • Iago talks Roderigo into killing Cassio by telling him Cassio must be removed so Desdemona can go with Roderigo

Act Five:

  • Iago and Roderigo attack Cassio, Roderigo is injured so Iago stabs Cassio and then flees
  • Othello goes to kill Desdemona , she wakes and tries to talk him out of killing her; Othello strangles her so it will not ruin her beauty
  • Emilia comes in the room saying she heard murder happening to Desdemona; Desdemona's last words were she murdered herself and be kind to Othello
  • Othello says that Desdemona is a lier to the end because he was the one that killed her
  • Emilia ask Othello why he killed her, he says she was unfaithfull; Emilia says Desdemona was always true to Othello; Othello tells Emilia that her husband (Iago) told him about the deed; Emilia says her husband is lying
  • Othello continues to deny that Desdemona was true to him, he states he saw the handkerchief with Cassio; Emilia confesses to taking the handkerchief;
  • Othello tries to kill Iago after finding out his lies; Iago stabs Emilia and runs off; Emilia dies professing Desdemona's faithfullness
  • Iago is captured, Cassio is brought in alive; Othello ask forgiveness from Cassio -
  • Othello stabs himself and dies

Other Notes:

  • Iago has manipulated everyone in the story for his purpose of getting ahead in life; he is caught and to be tortued in the end
  • Othello starts off thinking Desdemona is perfect, but his jealousy allows him to see the stories Iago has woven for him

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