Romeo And Juliet by William Shakespeare

Summary: Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is the story of a couple that falls in love at first sight, but cannot be together because their families are feuding. The couple, Romeo and Juliet, try to stay together but end up dead in the end because of the feud.


Romeo : Only son of Montague, falls in love with Juliet

Juliet : Daughter of Capulet, falls in love with Romeo (she is only thirteen)

Montague : Head of the house of Montague, has a feud with Capulet

Capulet : Head of the house of Capulet, has a feud with Montague

Benvolio : Nephew to Montague

Nurse : is the nurse to Juliet

Balthasar : Romeo's servant

Mercutio : Friend of Romeo, related to the prince

Escalus : Prince of Verona

Paris : Noble men that wants to marry Juliet

Friar Laurence : Romeo's confessor


  • Montague and Capulet families are in a Feud
  • Romeo pronounces his love for Rosaline, is moping around writing poetry because of it; Benvolio tells him he just needs a new girl to look at
  • Capulet family is have a party so Paris can meet Juliet; Servant can't read so ask for help from Romeo; Benvolio talks Romeo into going to the party, Mercutio makes fun of Romeo.
  • Romeo sees Juliet at the party, doesn't know who she is; They talk, flirt, and eventually kiss; while leaving the party they both find out the other is their sworn enemy.


  • Romeo hops the fence to the Capulet's yard, sees Juliet come to the window; says a poem about her beauty
  • Juliet wishes Romeo would "deny his name" or profess his love and she will deny hers; Romeo answers her saying he will deny his name if it means her love for him.
  • Romeo and Juliet don't want to say goodnight, they decide they will meet the next day at nine
  • Friar Laurence arrives in the morning listens to Romeo for a while, says hes been up all night thinking it was about Rosaline; Laurence finds out Romeo loves Juliet and she loves him.
  • Friar Laurence tells Romeo that his loves are based off of looks and infatuation but thinks the marriage would be good for the two feuding houses
  • The nurse arrives to talk with Romeo, finds out he still wants to marry Juliet; The nurse tells Juliet to marry at the church later that day after giving her a hard time; Romeo and Juliet get married.


  • Tybalt is looking for Romeo, kills Mercutio by stabbing him under Romeo's arm; Romeo is mad finds Tybalt and kills him; Romeo is banished by the Prince
  • Juliet finds out Romeo killed Tybalt, gets mad curses him and then takes it back immediately; Juliet finds out Romeo will be waiting for her that night at the church.
  • Capulet decides that Paris will marry Juliet in a few days, Juliet is unhappy about it; goes to meet Romeo at the church.


  • Juliet goes to Friar Laurence and to ask for advice, Paris is there and tries to win her over; She tells the Friar she will do anything to leave and stay with Romeo
  • The Friar comes up with a plan to get Juliet away; He gives her a vial of liquid that will cause her to seem dead; in the morning when the Capulets find her "dead" they will bring her the family tomb and there Romeo and he will wait for her to awake
  • Juliet tells her dad that she will marry Paris because she thinks it will be two days from now which will give her time to do the Friar's plan; he is excited and moves the wedding to the morning.
  • Juliet drinks the liquid the friar gave her even though it may be poison, or she may awake too soon in the vault; In the morning the Capulets mistake her for dead.


  • Romeo's servant arrives with news that Juliet is dead, he does not have any new from the Friar; Romeo buys poison
  • Friar Laurence finds out Romeo didn't receive the notes he sent ; sends another and heads to the monument Juliet is at so he can keep her in his chambers
  • Paris goes to the tomb to put flowers down for Juliet, his servant alerts him to someone coming with a whistle; it is Romeo
  • Romeo tells his own servant Balthasar to leave and not bother him; Balthasar is worried about Romeo so he hides somewhere
  • Paris thinks Romeo is there to do something bad to the tomb; Romeo and Paris fight even though Romeo doesn't want to; Paris is killed his page goes to get the watch.
  • Romeo takes Paris into the tomb as it is his dying wish; Romeo drink the poison and dies
  • Juliet awakes just as Friar Laurence comes into the tomb, he tells her he will hide her as a nun; She tells him no, tries to drink the poison left on Romeo's lips; Out of Desperation Juliet grabs Romeo's dagger and stabs herself; Juliet dies on top of Romeo.
  • Capulet, Montague, and the Prince show up at the tomb; They find out the truth of the situation, the prince tells them they have brought it on themselves from hate of eachother; Both the Capulet's and Montague's decide they will build a monument of some nature for the other; Juliet in Gold, and Romeo as well; The feud is over.


  • Romeo and Juliet are both young, and have decided to marry after just a few sentences with each other
  • Juliet still is only 13 still, but will be fourteen soon;
  • Romeo had just been doting on another girl before Juliet
  • The feud between the two families finally ends but not until the both sides have horrible tragedies

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