Stargirl | Jerry Spinelli

Summary: Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli is a short story where a boy and girl talk about "giving" and a descriptive life of two kids is presented to the audience


Leo - The Girls Friend

Girl - Leo's friend

Section 1:

  • Leo tells the girl that he wants to be a director for television
  • The girl tells Leo that she wants to be a "silver-lunch-truck driver" and describes the sites and sounds of working with lunch trucks in wich the girl says she will have a fleet
  • The girl buys a potted plant and tells Leo that it was for someone "back home" at "Marion Drive" who knew someone that was going to have surgery and was in the hospital
  • Leo asks the girl how she knew and she said that she had her ways of finding out such information
  • As the girl was putting a ribbon on the plant, Leo asked why she didn't leave a card with her name on it
  • The girl asks why she should do it and Leo says that it's expected and guesses that it is important to let someone know
  • Leo slams on the brakes of his bike and comes to the realization that a tie that was a gift, "a mystery", was given to him by the girl who was his friend
  • The girl tells Leo that her mother made the tie for him and didn't dwell on the "subject"
  • They both started talking about "getting credit" again and Leo said that it was nice to get credit while the girl asked if it was nice to get credit; girl:"'Is it?', she said"

Other Notes:

  • Expressed in the story is the task of doing something nice for the sake of doing it and not necessarily for getting credit
  • It seems that the narrator did things the "normal" way, while the girl thought of doing nice things in a different kind of way especially since she didn't care if she got any type of credit for doing any of the nice things she did

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