The Ant and the Dove | Leo Tolstoy

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Summary: The Ant and the Dove by Leo Tolstoy is a folk tale about a dove that saves an ant and an ant that saves a dove


The Dove - Saves the ant

The Ant - Saves the dove

Section 1:

  • An ant was saved by a dove right when the ant was going to be "carried away" by "whirlpool
  • The dove used a twig to give the ant something to hold and thus saved the ant
  • Later, a hunter was trying to catch the dove with net and the ant saved the dove by biting the hunter on the foot
  • The dove thought that an act of kindness may be "repaid" at any time

Other Notes:

  • Leo Tolstoy wrote War and Peace
  • Leo Tolstoy rejected the riches that he had been born, gave back his wealth to his family and died alone
  • It is with this tale that Leo Tolstoy tells about a snapshot of a more important thing in life, the act of kindness for others

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