The Geese | Richard Peck

Summary: The Geese by Richard Peck is a poem about the speaker's recall of a father's vision of geese heading south for the winter


Speaker - Speaks about a father's observation of geese heading south

Stanza 1:

  • The speaker talks about the father's quick ability to observe the "passage" of geese in the fall
  • The audience learns that the father is emotionally tied to the geese that fly overhead

Stanza 2:

  • The speaker tells us that throughout the night the father stayed up to observe the geese fly south and felt as though he was flying with them

Stanza 3:

  • The speaker tells us that the father knew of the geese's lure to "faroff things" and that after the geese had passed that winter will soon come as they fly in the light of the moon

Other Notes:

  • Richard Peck is an award winning writer who has written young-adult novels
  • Richard Peck probably wanted to get his audience to know just how moving nature can move one's heart and sould

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