The Lion and the Bulls by Aesop

Summary: The Lion and the Bulls by Aesop is a story about a lion and how his smart political wit separates the camaraderie of the bulls which leads to their demise


The Lion - tries to make a meal out of the three bulls

The Three Bulls - grazing in a pasture together in the beginning and allow the Lion to

Section 1:

  • The three bulls grazed in a pasture together
  • The lion tried to lure them one at a time to the edge of the pasture
  • Since the three bulls were working together to protect themselves as one, the lion always failed and would get a "horn" by one of the bulls
  • The lion came up with a secret idea to make the bulls believe in the "slanderous" and "evil" gossip that would make them go against each other
  • It is this plan that forced the bulls from each other, and they ate separately in a different part of the pasture
  • The lion then made "easy prey" of the bulls
  • Aesop's moral was "United we stand; divided we fall."

Other Notes:

  • This is a common moral that we all know to be true and is tested true in many historical wars
  • One may be inclined to think that the bulls should have never listened to the lion, but it happens time and again when an outsider is believed in this case may be he had a very high amount of charisma
  • The bulls may have never really trusted each other to begin with deep down inside

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