The Lion's Share by Aesop

Summary: The Lion allows other hunter animals to participate in the hunt but not in the division of the kill.


  • The Lion - takes all shares
  • The Fox - grumbles the all important observation at the end
  • The Jackal - hunter
  • The Wolf - hunter
    • Stag - quartered, divided physically and not shared

Section One:

  • The Lion, The Fox, The Jackal and The Wolf all went on a hunt and killed a stag
  • The Lion commanded the others to quarter the Stag
  • When it came time for the stag to be divided among the four, the Lion gave the other hunters a reason for every quarter of the stag why he should keep that quarter
  • In the end only the Lion came away with the parts of the Stag
  • The Fox says at the end that only labors with the great may be shared and not the rewards of the labor

Other Notes:

  • It seems that Aesop warns those without any supreme greatness to beware because just like that your associated labors may not equal a "spoil"
  • We see this today over and over again all over the world in the sense that great power allows a "great" one to yield lots and give back few benefits to those who are not so "great"

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