The Wolf And The Lamb by Aesop

Summary: A wolf wrongfully accuses a lamb of calling him names a year prior and also of ruining his drinking water. It is this premise that he uses to eat up the lamb.


  • Wolf: uses false accusations as the reasons to eat up Lambikin
  • Lambikin: is eaten by Wolf even though she points how inaccurate Wolf's accusations are

Section One:

  • A wolf and a lamb are drinking when the wolf decides that he would make the lamb his supper upon seeing her
  • The wolf accuses the lamb of "muddling" his water but the lamb points out the impossibility of that due to where she is was located compared to him on the hill
  • The wolf then accuses the lamb of calling him names the year before and the lamb agains points out that this too is impossible since she is only 6 months old
  • The wolf then accuses Lambikin's father of calling him names the year before and finally uses that reason to eat her up
  • Lambikin with her last breath says,"Any excuse will serve a tyrant"

Other Notes:

  • It seems that Aesop is pointing out no matter how wrong a tyrant is, any reason will do
  • It also seems that a tyrant would be willing to prey on the weak just because they can

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