To Helen By Edgar Allen Poe

Summary: In To Helen By Edgar Allen Poe, the narrator remarks on how beautiful Helen is.

Section One:

  • The beauty Helen has is like the beauty a traveler would hold for his home city

Section Two:

  • Helen has golden hair, and a classically pretty face
  • Helen's looks have brought the narrator to the glory of Greece, and the grandeur of Rome; Greece likely because it is remembered for idealogical happenings of scholars and Rome for its pure power

Section Three:

  • The narrator looks at Helen through a window, she is standing still like a statue
  • The narrator says she is like the princess loved by cupid

Other Notes:

  • Helen is only described with physical beauty
  • Helen has the ideal look, but nothing else about her is referred to;
  • Helen's beauty is being linked with the Greek and Roman times; they have many statues of the "perfect" figure and admired the human form

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