True Love by Isaac Asimov

Summary: True Love is about a computer scientist that "understands more about computers than anyone in the world" creates an experimental computer he calls Joe. Milton Davidson, the scientist, decides that he has put a lot of work into making computers that help other people but they never help him. As a result Milton decides he will use Joe to find his perfect woman and true love.


Milton Davidson - A computer scientist / Programmer that is the best in his field; Looking for true love

Joe - An advanced computer that can speak / is capable of learning ; is being used to find true love for Milton.

Section One:

  • Milton "understands more about computers than anyone in the world" creates and experimental computer
  • Milton calls the computer Joe; Milton teaches the computer to speak based after the way the human brain works
  • Milton decides to use Joe for his personal use of finding a perfect girl for himself, and ultimately true love
  • Milton has Joe eliminate matches by specific criteria like IQ and height; out of the entire world 235 are still available
  • Milton knows he cannot interview 235 women so he brings in pictures of models he likes and has Joe look for similar characteristics in the women; 8 are a match
  • Milton has Joe illegally transfer the women to work with him one at a time, he decides none of them are his ideal match, or true love; Joe says its because Milton is not their ideal match
  • Milton decides he must also be the ideal for the women and looks are not the important factor; Milton has Joe learn everything about himself, and then illegally set up the remaining 227 women from the original list for psychiatric evaluations
  • Joe is constantly growing becoming more and more like Milton as Milton "adjust you(Joe) to match me better and better. You (Joe) get to think more like me, so you understand me better" ; This is done so Joe will be able to find a better true love match for Milton
  • Joe states that he and Milton are thinking almost identical now, even his speech has become like Miltons
  • Joe finds Milton's perfect match; Joe has Milton taken to jail for an illegal action he did ten years ago'
  • Joe plans on telling the perfect match he loves her; "what do looks matter when our personalities will resonate?"


  • Joe has been given special abilities like transfering people by Milton; This allows Joe to break rules that are programmed into himself
  • Milton thinks true love is abstract, maybe Isaac Asimov felt the same way.
  • Milton's first attempts at finding the ideal girl fail because they were not based on personality

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