Water by Helen Keller

Summary: Water by Helen Keller is about Helen Keller's life associations with words, actions and existence in a day of her life


  • Helen Keller - Discovers word association
  • Laura Bridgman - Dresses Helen Keller's dolly
  • Miss Sullivan - Helen Keller's teacher

Section 1:

  • Laura Bridgman dresses a doll from the Perkins Institution and Miss Sullivan gives it to Helen Keller
  • Helen Keller learns how to spell with her hand which she learns from her teacher, Miss Sullivan
  • Helen Keller learns over several weeks that everything has a name
  • Helen is introduced to a new doll and her teacher tries to make her understand that the word doll was for her former doll and her newer doll at the same time
  • After trying to understand "mug" and "water", Helen got frustrated and broke her newer doll and was "delighted"
  • Helen went into the sun and had a "thought" which made her have "pleasure"
  • Helen smelled the "honeysuckle" that covered the path to the well-house and it had a significant, attractive "frangrance"
  • Helen learns the association of w-a-t-e-r and the cool running "something" and the joy of the "living' word
  • Helen feels "repentance and sorrow" when she returns to the doll that she broken and tries to put it back together
  • Helen longs for a new day to come as she remembers learning words and learning about words such as "mother, father, sister, teacher"

Other Notes:

  • Part of the process of learning to communicate is to not understanding something
  • People forget sometimes how much touch and smell help us understand many things
  • The power of feeling joy and sadness is the feeling of living and brings us fulfillment as it brought Helen Keller

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