Who Knows If The Moon's by E. E. Cummings

Summary: Who Knows If The Moon's by E. E. Cummings is a poem where the speaker talks about going to an unknown city via the moon if it was a balloon


Pretty people - those who are already in the balloon from a "keen city"

Speaker - wonders about a trip into the balloon

You - may ride with the speaker in the balloon

Section 1:

  • The speaker wonders if the "moon's" a balloon that rises from a "keen city in the sky"
  • The speaker says that it would have "pretty" with in
  • The speaker asks the audience why they would go away with the "pretty" passengers to the keen city
  • The keen city residents are in a constant love, as in "spring" and the speaker says that the "flowers pick themselves"

Other Notes:

  • The city is a place of dreams where many people would like to go, to float on and stay in an existence of constant love
  • The "keen city" may be interpreted as an imaginary place, may be only existing in the mind, where there is love and know hate and where only beautiful things, "pretty people" reside
  • The notion that the speaker is "higher" than the people who reside below means that he thinks the higher he goes the closer he gets to love and farther he gets from things that may not be loving and beautiful

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