Wind and water and stone | Octavio Paz

Summary: Wind and water and stone by Octavio Paz is a poem about how a people stays the same but is yet different as time goes on using his native land as a backdrop


Speaker - tells the audience about what it means to be "wind and water and stone" in his native Mexico

Stanza 1:

  • The speaker tells about the hollowed stone, dispersal of water and the stoppage of the wind to create his trio of subject matter

Stanza 2:

  • The speaker tells more about the "stone and wind and water" by telling us about how the wind affects the stone and how the stone becomes a cup for water and how the water is the wind

Stanza 3:

  • The speaker explains that the wind sings, and the water "murmurs" and how "quiet" the stone is in its motionless existence
  • The speaker explains the sounds of the water, wind and stone

Stanza 4:

  • Culture is similar and yet different; speaker:"One is the other, and is neither"
  • Names are but vessels to pour culture and then they "disappear"
  • This is an important part of the "water and stone and wind"

Other Notes:

  • Octavio Paz is a Mexican Poet who uses personal life to mold his writing and has been to many places in the world

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