Winter Dreams by Scott Fitzgerald

Summary: Winter Dreams by Scott Fitzgerald is a story of a boy, Dexter Green, whom grows into a man that is very wealthy but has never been able to have his love. Judy Jones, the girl Dexter loves, plays with the emotions of all men for her own amusement and in the case of Dexter destroys his ability to love another.


Dexter Green - Boy that grows into a man and is successful with money, but never loves anyone except Judy Jones

Miss Judy Jones - Lady that treats man as things to be had

Irene Scheerer - Lady Dexter was going to marry after Judy Jones denied him.

Section One:

  • Dexter is not poor, he works as a caddy to make extra money
  • Dexter has an active imagination; he dreams of being a great golfer
  • Dexter sees Miss Jones, he is taken with her looks; Miss Jones also seems to like Dexter because she gets mad when her nurse ask for Dexter to be their caddy; Dexter says he can't because he must wait for the caddy master
  • Dexter says he is quiting caddying after he can't get out of being a caddy for Miss Jones

Section Two:

  • Dexter has become a man of with a university degree and turned that into a good business
  • Dexter is invited to go golfing, he runs into Miss Jones again; At night while Dexter is alone Miss Jones ask him to drive her boat so she can ride behind it on a surfboard
  • After driving the boat Miss Jones ask Dexter to come to dinner the next night; " her casual whim gave a new direction to his life" is stated

Section Three:

  • Dexter goes to the party, he and Judy Jones talk they do a small amount of flirting through looks
  • Dexter and Judy get alone, Judy tells Dexter of a man that just informed her he was poor; She tells Dexter she is not interested in him anymore not because he was poor but because she didn't expect it;
  • Judy ask Dexter to be forthcoming about himself, he says he is nobody but he makes a lot of money; Judy kisses Dexter - he wants more

Section Four:

  • Judy wants Dexter so she gets him, they sleep together; Judy goes for whatever she wants at the time; she remarks after they are together that a week earlier she thought she was in love with another;
  • Judy is known to be with several men, and is attracted to anyone new in town; she keeps them attached to her through her physical charm, not her mental charm
  • Dexter ask Judy to marry, she is a free spirit and denies him; Dexter becomes engaged to Irene Scheerer 18 months after meeting Judy, he still thinks about Judy; however he is not jealous of other men as he has "been hardened against jealousy"
  • Dexter seems to ready to marry Irene, he has excepted that this is his fate; Dexter is going to go out with Irene, she has a headache so he goes alone; Dexter runs into Judy whom talks to him; he gets excited inside and tries to remember she is a predator of men
  • Judy tells Dexter she wants him again, he says he doesn't think it can happen; Judy says that she knows he loves her, and no one else even though he is with Irene; Judy tells Dexter she would be his wife; Judy ask him to come in and he does;

Section Five:

  • Dexter is only with Judy for a month; he is not angry that they did not stay together , and he doesn't care that the town thinks he did wrong; Dexter acknowledges he will always love Judy even if he can't have her.
  • Dexter joins the military to head for war; he looks at it with a "certain amount of relief" from his emotions

Section Six:

  • Dexter moves to New York, he becomes very wealthy;
  • A man named Devlin comes to talk with Dexter, Devlin says Judy has married and her husband cheats on her
  • Devlin tells Dexter that Judy has "faded" from her beauty; Dexter laughs for no apparent reason
  • Dexter tries to remember Judy as he would like to but he cannot; He says he cannot care for anything again.


  • Dexter is a good caddy because he pays attention to details and does not lose balls
  • Judy first appears as a young girl that always gets her way, she treats dexter like a servant
  • Dexter refuses to caddy and quits at first because he can see Judy will cause trouble for him
  • The older Judy still gets her way with everything she wants; she treats men as things and even calls the guy she hit an object "my ball hit something"
  • Judy lures men to be with her through her physical forwardness
  • In the end Judy finds someone like herself, marrying a man that treats her like property

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